Welcome to my homepage!

Hello, and welcome. I'm Gecko Fish and this is my personal homepage on the interwebs. At the moment there's not any main specific topic on this website but here you will find various things about retro-technology (old stuff basically), videogames, photography, random projects, and maybe something else...

Since always I have wanted to create and maintain an tiny personal homepage like in the old days of the WWW, so I hope this will be a good attempt and not like others I have done in the past...

And yeah, almost everything here is currently under construction, but feel free to explore this space using the sidebar buttons on the left.

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ASCII Art of the Month

                                                       /\  /\
                                                      /  ''  \
                                                     / .o\  ..\
                                                    /.'  |\ | '.
              __                                    '    |_\|
              \ \___     .__                             |_|<o>
            .--""___\..--"/                              |_| |
        .__.|-"""..... ' /                          _____|_|_|\__
hpg                                              '''""""""""""""""'''
jgs            ~       ~           ~        ~                  ~
       ~                     ~                   ~       ~
  ~                 ~                  ~                         ~

Boats by Joan G. Stark/jgs and hpeg.

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