Modern-day Red Robot Webring

Welcome to the Red Robot Webring! This is a little webring project that tries to list websites that have references or content related to Red Robot, imitating the original list of links that existed on the official explodingdog's website.

Try it!


To join this webring, you will need to comply with these two mandatory rules:

  1. You must contain at least one image or reference to Red Robot on your website or in some HTML page.
  2. Your website must not contain NSFW or any other material that may be offensive or illegal.

If your website follows the rules mentioned before, send me an email or a PM in the MelonLand Forums with an username (in lowercase, without signs and spaces) and the URL of your website and you will be added here. I will also send you two HTML codes (dark and light variants) of the webring so you can place it somewhere on your website.

Any website that breaks these two rules or becomes inactive for 1 week will be removed from the webring.


All those people who are helping Red Robot to return to world domination:

  1. RED ROBOT RESURRECTION (2023-01-23)
  2. GeckoF's homepage (2023-01-24)

RED ROBOT is a creation of explodingdog, this is just a fanpage created for archiving, historical and entertainment purposes and not for profit.
Website design and content written by GeckoF. Banner art and favicon made by @jerbot5.