Welcome to the RED ROBOT RESURRECTION website!

This is a little fanpage project dedicated to the former and forgotten web character Red Robot made by explodingdog in early 2000. Originally created as a simple drawing of a red squared robot for their art projects, it ended up appearing in several webcomics, personal homepages and on blogs as easter eggs or for other humorous purposes. He even had his own games, fanarts, wallpapers, merchandise and many other things that some Red Robot fans did in those times.

Unfortunately, due to the World Wide Web has changed so much nowadays, Red Robot and many other old web stuff were gradually forgotten and losing its interest. Because of this and with the popularity of the retro-web, I decided to create this website to try to archive and revive the interest of this old web character and also for remember those good times of the old WWW.

On this website you can find community-made images/fanarts, archives, a list of frequently asked questions and a webring for those who want to continue helping Red Robot to fulfill his dream, dominate the world and wipe out humans (not really)! There's also a Gopher version of this website (proxy client) in case someone wants to visit this on an older or limited machine.

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RED ROBOT is a creation of explodingdog, this is just a fanpage created for archiving, historical and entertainment purposes and not for profit.
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